2018 Chapter Awards Luncheon

Save the date and plan to join us for our 6th Annual Awards Luncheon on Saturday, May 5, 2018 at the Hilton Garden Inn on Route 184 in Groton, CT.

Our theme this year is “Aviation History: Looking Back to Fly Forward”, and our Keynote speaker is CT BPA Vice-President and Chief Pilot Roy Bourque from Norwich, CT.

Roy Bourque was born and raised in New England as a Roman Catholic. He lived much of his childhood in Westford, Massachusetts, lived three years in Hudson, New Hampshire, and spent his last year of high school where he graduated in Jackman, Maine.


Roy enlisted in the navy where he was trained in the nuclear power field. Learned subjects included  basic electricity and electronics, nuclear and conventional physics and chemistry, electromagnetic theory, electrical generation, and advanced mathematics.

Roy is one of the founding members of BPA CT, joining his co-worker from Norwich Public Utilities, Aaron (Al) Daniels, our current Chapter President. He retired after 31 years, having served as the control room supervisor for 14 years.


Roy has been a member of the Civil Air Patrol for 16 years. He is a licensed private pilot, and teaches cadets in the areas of aerospace education and emergency services. He recieved his pilot’s license from Coastal Aviation at Groton-New London Airport. His hobbies include photography and theatrical lighting design. Roy is a homeowner and lives with his wife Linda in Norwich, Connecticut. He has two stepchildren and several grandchildren.

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Becoming a Private Pilot – Light Sport Aircraft – What Are They?

So you’ve decided to pursue a pilot’s license, and the combination of a Sport Pilot License and a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) sound like they could be a great place to begin – saving you time and money. Once you’ve read the requirements of the Sport Pilot License, you’ll need to know exactly what IS a Light Sport Aircraft?

By definition, a light sport aircraft, or LSA, must have:

  • A max takeoff weight of 1320 lbs or less (1430 for water operations).
  • A maximum airspeed (Vh) of 120 knots CAS (level flight, max continuous power, standard conditions).
  • For a glider, a maximum never-exceed speed (Vne) of 120 knots or less.
  • A Vs1 (stall speed without flaps) not more than 40 knots CAS (at max takeoff weight and most critical CG).
  • Seating for no more than 2 people (including the pilot).
  • A single, reciprocating engine.
  • A fixed pitched propeller (or ground-adjustable). Powered gliders must have auto-feathering capability if equipped with an adjustable prop.
  • For gyroplanes, a fixed-pitch, semi-rigid, teetering blade rotor system.
  • A non-pressurized cabin.
  • Fixed landing gear, except for aircraft operating on water and gliders, which may have fixed or retractable gear.

Light sport aircraft don’t have to be “standard” airplanes – they can be either standard or experimental aircraft and include gliders, gyroplanes, powered-parachutes, weight-shift control aircraft, hot-air balloons, and airships.

Further, Light Sport Aircraft are divided into four categories:

  • Standard Category/Sport Pilot-Eligible: pre-existing aircraft that meet LSA requirements and can be flown by sport pilots.
  • S-LSA: Special light sport aircraft are factory-built aircraft, specifically designed for the LSA standards. S-LSAs meet ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials) consensus standards and are ready-to-fly when sold. They can be maintained by a standard A&P (Airframe & Powerplant) mechanic or a repairman with a FAA LSA maintenance rating.
  • E-LSA: Experimental light sport aircraft that are often sold as kits, and can be built at home in accordance with the manufacturer’s manual and instructions. E-LSA manufacturers are also ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)-compliant.
  • E-AB: Experimental amateur-built aircraft are not all also categorized as light sport aircraft. But a light sport aircraft can be classified as experimental amateur-built. E-AB aircraft are home-built aircraft, and if they meet the LSA design and performance requirements, can be flown by sport pilots. Since E-AB aircraft involve more extensive home-building than an E-LSA, the aircraft is restricted to personal use and cannot be used for flight training (with the exception of the aircraft owner himself) or for rental to persons NOT the aircraft owner.

Examples of light sport aircraft include the Cessna 162 Skycatcher (no longer being manufactured, but available used) and the Terrafugia Transition (two-seater flying car).


SAVE THE DATE: The chapter’s fourth Annual Awards Luncheon was held on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at the Groton Inn & Suites. While we mourn the loss of our namesake, Connie Nappier, Jr, we celebrated his life beyond aviation – click HERE!

Thanks for visiting us – the Nappier Chapter of Black Pilots of America, Inc. is based in southeastern Connecticut and was formed in June of 2011, then formally recognized by Black Pilots of America, Inc at the national Board meeting in January 2012.

Membership is open to anyone who shares the aims and purposes established in the preamble of our Constitution and Bylaws and have a primary focus on providing an atmosphere for everyone to learn to fly and perhaps own airplanes. Members include men, women and youth aviation enthusiasts from all walks of life and various backgrounds and experiences.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates, activities and more – for now, bookmark our site and visit often!

Have questions about the organization or about flying? Email us at info@bpact.org. We look forward to talking with you!