Flying Memories – Al Daniels flies New England!

The Sunday morning after the Hartford, CT BPA Membership Meeting, Signature Flight Support picked up those that flew in their own planes . They also picked up one guest, me. I jumped in “The Cheetah,” AA5/A, N27174. This leg was in the right seat. I got to know the radios, weight distribution and the owner, Juan Haygood, of this bird that would be my magic carpet for the next six days. The ceiling at Newport (KUUU) was 10,000 feet overcast and misty. After arrival, Team Newport-Anthony Hall, Fred Lewis, Archie Amos, Juan and I, lunched and tested Thomas Tew’s Rum in all its stages. Dinner was at “Anthony’s Seafood Restaurant and Market.”

Monday morning the rains continued. But we still had a couple thousand foot ceiling, and I was in the left seat! Providence departure and approach handled The Cheetah from end to end. We flew over Massachusetts’ gold coast but couldn’t see a thing. I am ecstatic!!! This is my first “real” instrument flight. End to end in the rain and wind!!!

The rain kept half of Team Martha’s Vineyard-Derek and Delta Grier, Theresa White and Delores Simon, a.k.a “T” & “D”, from flying in. The closeness of the trip and the lure of “The Inkwell” were too much to resist, so they drove over from Connecticut. The rain did not let up until dinner time. The night ended with warm conversation on the porch of a bed and breakfast that our Texas and Florida members were staying in.

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