Ready to Become a Private Pilot? What You Need to Know

BPA Connecticut is dedicated to providing an atmosphere for everyone to learn to fly and / or own their own airplane. The first step? Asking yourself why you want to become a pilot!

Like any serious undertaking, you’ve got to have sustainable reasons for wanting a Pilot’s License – it’s not something you can decide on one day, and achieve the next day!

Think about why you want to fly – there are many options:

  • You want to become a commercial pilot, and fly professionally for an airline or for a charter service
  • You want to fly for business purposes – like a sales professional with a large territory or a business owner with multiple locations
  • You want to fly for personal transportation
  • You want to fly just for the FUN of it

The reason you want to fly will affect how your training is conducted. The person who just wants to fly locally for the fun of it has different concerns than the business owner with multiple locations throughout the US.

The business person will want and need to fly long distances in higher performance aircraft and sometimes fly in less-than-perfect weather. This calls for an emphasis on advanced avionics, an instrument rating, a high performance endorsement and quite possibly some additional flight time with a qualified instructor pilot to satisfy some insurance requirements.

The guy or gal who is happy to just “fly around the patch” on the weekends would simply need a Sport Pilot, Recreational Pilot or a Private Pilot License.

There are different aircraft you can learn to fly and earn a pilot’s license for:

  • Airplanes – including Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)
  • Gyroplanes
  • Helicopters
  • Gliders
  • Balloons
  • Airships

There are also different types of pilot’s licenses – and how much time and money you have can help you to evaluate the license types and choose the one that’s best for you. Know that you can always start at a level that doesn’t require you taking out a second mortgage on your home and complete your training over a longer period of time.

Consider joining us for an upcoming BPA Membership meeting where you can meet other pilots and learn more about the excitement and fun of flying – our meetings are held at the Mystic Air Center, near Groton-New London airport.