Why I Chose To Become A Pilot by Matthew A. Jones, BPA CT Member

BPA CT Members Aaron Daniels and Matthew Jones


Ever since I was little boy, I had the aspiration to become a pilot and/or an astronaut. I grew up watching movies such as the Tuskegee Airmen and Independence Day. These films gave me the inspiration and encouragement to take a growing excitement and zeal involving aviation and turn it into a career.

I began my aviation career at the age of 11, by participating in my first incentive flight where I was able to fly with a flight instructor and all four of my family members in the back of 6-seater Piper aircraft. I knew that once I took flight, it would not be last time at the controls.

Currently, I am a  junior at Delaware State University majoring in Aviation with a concentration in management. I obtained my private pilot certification in the summer of 2011, my rising junior year. In addition, I am a Historical Black College and Universities scholarship recipient cadet in the United States Reserved Officer Training Corps.

This semester I have taken on the position of Recruiting Officer for my Detachment
128 based out of Newark, DE. Also, this past summer I had the unique honor of graduating from Field Training at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama.

This year is a very important year for my career. In less than a month, I will receive news
regarding my pilot slot application through AFROTC and plan to commission next spring. In addition, I have requested career choices that include Unmanned Aerial Vehicle pilot, Air Field Operations officer, Air Battle Manager, and Combat Systems officer. My main goal is to obtain a pilot slot in the United States Air Force, concentrating on flying the C-17 Globemaster, C-5 Galaxy, and/or the A-10 Warthog airframe.

I am truly excited for what the upcoming future will hold, and being a member of BPA has
opened up many opportunities for me. I am looking forward to hearing the news about my future career path and informing my family, friends, and fellow BPA members.

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